An online floral store. Focuses on elite and luxurious bouquets.
Serves special occasions and everyday use.
Get your bouquet, the symbol of care and appreciation.

Launched in December 2019
based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

HUES - About Us
WHO - About Us  
We believe that beauty comes in many forms, and flowers are one of them. As a group of four different individuals with diverse backgrounds, we were brought together with one goal in mind; to provide an elite online floral store that would not only add beauty to your life but to the lives of the ones around you as well, in a simple, yet luxurious way.
WHAT - We Provide
When ordering you can choose between ordering a box, a vase, or make a custom request. In whatever occasion you have in mind, we can provide you with the right flowers for it that are simple yet tasteful.

Flowers always add a sophisticated touch to any occasion whether it is a wedding, engagement, graduation, birthday, housewarming, or anniversary; and they can even be used in corporate events, hospital visits, or simply in your house or office.
WHY - Us?
Flowers bring joy and happiness to us, and we want to share that feeling with the world. We provide flowers with specialist touches that are affordable and easy to order.
Orders can simply be made a day in advance through any of our social media accounts on Instagram or Facebook.

HOW: To order, simply pick a hue, specify the delivery time and address, and make the payment. Once the payment is made, we swiftly send out the order to be delivered to you.